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15 August, 2012

Liquid-medial strong verbs beginning with għ

Liquid-medial verbs are a subclass of the strong Maltese semitic verbs, which have a liquid consonant (għ, l, m, n, r) as their second radical. Their paradigm is slightly different in that they sometimes require an extra vowel in conjugation. Whether this vowel is morphological or euphonic, I don’t know. Not all sources identify them as a subclass, and simply claim the vowel is inserted euphonically as needed. However when the first radical is GĦ, this extra vowel is dropped again:

Class Root Mamma (Perf P3 Sg Masc) Imperfect P1 Sg Imperfect P1 Pl Template (prev column)
Strong Regular K-T-B kiteb nikteb niktbu nvCCCv
Strong Liquid-Medial S-R-Q seraq nisraq nisirqu nvCvCCv
Strong Liquid-Medial GĦ-M-L għamel nagħmel nagħmlu nvCCCv

This also creeps up when adding some indirect object suffixes (P3 Sg Fem, and all Pl) in imperative/imperfect:

Class Root Imperfect P2 Sg Imperfect P1 Sg + I.O. P1 Sg Imperfect P1 Sg + I.O. P1 Pl Template (prev column)
Strong Regular K-T-B tikteb tiktibli tiktbilna tvCCCilna
Strong Liquid-Medial S-R-Q tisraq tisraqli tisraqilna tvCCvCilna
Strong Liquid-Medial GĦ-M-L tagħmel tagħmilli tagħmlilna tvCCCilna

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