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20 January, 2013

Changing the verb implementation

Perhaps I saw the signs earlier than I would like to admit, but it has become clear now that my current implementation of Maltese verb morphology in GF has taken the wrong direction and needs to be significantly re-written. Having an inflection table with close to 1000 forms is not just a headache implementationally, but also arguably not linguistically accurate either.

So the new plan, which is what is done in the implementations for Italian and Finnish, so to remove pronominal suffixes from the verb’s inflection table, and instead use binding on the syntax level to produce these forms. Reducing the inflection table is the easy part, but getting the rest to produce correct results might be tricky since the stem sometimes changes depending on the pronoun being suffixed.

So anyway I have created a new branch to work on this, so that at any point I can switch back to the original implementation if I want to compare something or if I end up wanting to use that approach again.

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