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7 November, 2009

j’s in Thunderbird emails Outlook smiley faces

UPDATE: For those using Thunderbird 3, please refer to this post.

Like lots of people who use Thunderbird, I was getting irritated when receiving emails from Outlook users with the smiley’s replaced by J’s.

Unsuprisingly, it’s Microsoft’s fault because they just simply don’t care about other clients and standards. Anyway, here’s how to fix it:

j’s in Thunderbird emails Outlook smiley faces | The Swan Song.

22 September, 2009

Let’s Kill IE6

A great effort to get people to switch from IE6: Let’s Kill IE6.

I couldn’t find the CSS for this anywhere, so here’s what I’m using.
Note: you will probably also want this image.

/* ============== */
/* Let's Kill IE6 */
/* ============== */
#letskillie6 {
#letskillie6 #letskillie6_close {
background:url(images/letskillie6.gif) no-repeat 0 0;
#letskillie6 #letskillie6_close:hover {
background:url(images/letskillie6.gif) no-repeat 0 -15px;
#letskillie6 .content {
#letskillie6 .content .pic {
background:url(images/letskillie6.gif) no-repeat -15px 0;
#letskillie6 .content p {
#letskillie6 .content p.browsers {
padding:0 10px 15px 10px;
#letskillie6 .content p.meta {
#letskillie6 .content p.browsers a {
#letskillie6 .content p.browsers a.ie8 { background:url(images/letskillie6.gif) no-repeat -70px 0; }
#letskillie6 .content p.browsers a.firefox { background:url(images/letskillie6.gif) no-repeat -70px -16px; }
#letskillie6 .content p.browsers a.opera { background:url(images/letskillie6.gif) no-repeat -70px -32px; }
#letskillie6 .content p.browsers a.chrome { background:url(images/letskillie6.gif) no-repeat -70px -48px; }
#letskillie6 .content p.browsers a.safari { background:url(images/letskillie6.gif) no-repeat -70px -64px; }

14 June, 2009

Bring Misplaced Off-Screen Windows Back to Your Desktop

Found this quite useful.. Linked to google cache version because the actual page wouldn’t load when I tried…

Bring Misplaced Off-Screen Windows Back to Your Desktop (Keyboard Trick) :: the How-To Geek.

12 February, 2009

AllWaySync – changed my mind

I thought AllWaySync (previous post) was great, but after some use I was told my usage patterns are too high & that I needed to buy a pro license.. screw that!

So I went on another hunt and found something whch I’m starting to like even more:  DirSyncPro. Don’t let the “Pro” fool you, it’s 100% open source goodness. My only real gripe with it is that it’s Java and therefore a little slower, but really when you only use it occasionally you can look past that. It’s totally customisable like all good power user software should be.

Anyway, I love it and you should too. Cheers guys

23 December, 2008

Handy Folder Sync App for Backup

After a few years of using the primitive XCOPY command, I was looking for a good, free, folder sync program to handle my backups for me.

I’ve found one, it is called Allway Sync, and can be found here: http://allwaysync.com/

Interfaces that use their own colour schemes other than the OS default always annoy me (because they always look hiedeous) but other than that this program is really great – look into it.

31 October, 2008

The only decent FireFox theme in existence

After looking through the entire firefox themes directory, I’ve concluded that they’re all hideous. If you want something that looks good in Vista, anyway.
The only decent one I found (and the one I’m using) is ChromiFox, which rather sadly is a rip of the Google Chrome skin.
Oh well, I guess they can’t get everything right…

19 May, 2008

SD Card for Vista ReadyBoost

This is my experience on using an SD Card for ReadyBoost. The main reason for using as SD card is that I can leave it permanently in my laptop, as opposed to a USB drive which would obviously stick out the side.

Initially I had a 2GB TwinMOS SD card, rated at 133x. At first Vista told it wasn’t suitable for ReadyBoost, but after a few formats of the card at with different filesystems and cluster sizes it started to work. I never noticed any real difference, and much to my annoyance Vista kept “forgetting” to use it for ReadyBoost and I’d have to keep switching it on again.

After a few months the SD card stopped working altogether so I got it replaced under warranty. This time I got a 4GB TwinMOS card listed as “SDHC Superfast” (whatever that means), and told Vista to use practically the entire 4GB (whatever the recommended value was, something aroun 3.8 GB). This time the performance increase was very noticable – mostly when it came to opening programs, and of course having lots of heavyish programs open simultaneously. Also, Vista never seems to “forget” anymore, it just works all the time silently. Even with my laptop’s 2GB of actual (which is pretty decent) the effects of ReadyBoost with this card were noticable.

And of course you’d never know it was there since it’s hidden neatly in the SD card slot.. nice.

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