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30 November, 2009

What’s Buzzing Malta?

So this is just a small site I built as part of my undergrad coursework. The basic idea was to build any sort of publically “useful” mashup using Ruby on Rails.

My idea is a simple site which aggregates a bunch of feed URLs, picks the most popular keywords among them all and them displays them in a cloud. Also, user interaction alters the scoring so that things keep updating themselves as people use the site.

Anyway I know it’s not much, but having this link here might help it’s ranking ever so slightly.. plus if you randomly stumble across this page, please do click so I can register some website hits 😉

Thanks… What’s Buzzing Malta

18 November, 2009

Rubyon Rails deployment – Heroku on Windows

So I’ve been building my first Ruby on Rails site for an assignment. For hosting, I’ve found Heroku which seems absolutely lovely. They have a free service but if things keep going well I would gladly pay for an account there.

Anyway, I tried following the upload instructions on Windows through Aptana RadRails, and had nothing but problems.. mostly I blame RadRails, it’s letting me down more and more.

But I finally did find this great guide, which goes about things through Cygwin. I still use RadRails for development, then just run a few shell commands in Cygwin to get it uploaded. Anyway the link is below, and deserves major “props”.

Getting Started with Heroku on Windows : b#.