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12 January, 2010

Errors saving files in Windows 7 – “You don’t have permission to modify files in this network location.”

So ever since I’ve been using Windows 7, every so often I get this annoying error message when saving files, most often when using “Save link as…” from within Firefox (but not only). I would get this error, and the file would in fact be created taking up 0 bytes. However when trying to re-save over it directly after, it would work correctly… so wasn’t too serious an issue.

The full error message is:

You don’t have permission to modify files in this network location.
Contact the administrator per permission to make these changes.

(I thought the “per permission” looked a bit funny…)

Anyway, after looking at this thread, it seems it this issue is NOD32-related. The solution I tried was disabling the “Scan on File Creation” option within NOD32, found under SetupAntivirus and antispywareReal-time system protection.

You could argue it’s less secure, but it seems to have worked and it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

Hope this helps anyone having a similar problem.