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16 December, 2010

jQuery Tiler Plugin

A new plugin I’m in the process of creating, for neatly tiling boxes of different dimensions into a grid.

If you have ever created tiled a layout by floating a bunch of boxes together, you may have noticed that when these boxes have different dimensions ( heights/widths) you end up with a lot of space and an altogther un-neat layout (Figure A):

Figure A: Floating of different-sized blocks leaves a lot of white space.

Figure B: By using the jquery-tiler plugin our boxes are now neatly stacked

The tiler plugin fixes this by greedily inserting each box into the column which is “shortest”, resulting in something like that in Figure B.

Note how the order of the boxes has changed. To me this is acceptable, but more importantly it is somewhat unavoidable (as someone wise used to tell me, “you have to break eggs if you want to make an omelette”).

Note that in this scenario all boxes are forced into fixed column widths. There is also some support for varying widths (i.e. preserving the width of each box) however it is far from complete. Will implement this when I have some more time (and a few more brain waves).

Anyway if you want to try it out, the git repository is here: http://github.com/johnjcamilleri/jquery-tiler