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3 September, 2010

Goodbye GoDaddy, hello VPS.NET

So, I have finally made the move off GoDaddy shared hosting. While their stuff works and is admittedly cheap, I knew the perofmance was a bit crappy and in general just grew tired of the company. Their management panel is horrible, even though I’d gotten used to it after all these years. In addition I always found their advertising a bit offensive (I don’t need sexy women to convince me to buy their stuff) and in general too American. Using them just makes me feel cheap.

So I searched a while for a good-looking VPS solution, and found VPS.NET. Their focus on scalabilty is super, you can start out with minimal resources and then add as you go, without having to reprovision anything. I’d also read really good things about their customer service, and decided to take the plunge.

It’s still very early days, but so far I’m loving them. Everything was very fast to set up (minutes), support was very prompt and I have all the flexibiltiy I want and a really good price. As time goes by we’ll see if things remain this good.. well, just the fact that I’m already off GoDaddy is a huge relief!

18 November, 2009

Rubyon Rails deployment – Heroku on Windows

So I’ve been building my first Ruby on Rails site for an assignment. For hosting, I’ve found Heroku which seems absolutely lovely. They have a free service but if things keep going well I would gladly pay for an account there.

Anyway, I tried following the upload instructions on Windows through Aptana RadRails, and had nothing but problems.. mostly I blame RadRails, it’s letting me down more and more.

But I finally did find this great guide, which goes about things through Cygwin. I still use RadRails for development, then just run a few shell commands in Cygwin to get it uploaded. Anyway the link is below, and deserves major “props”.

Getting Started with Heroku on Windows : b#.