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26 November, 2009

Use your iPod without iTunes using SharePod

So I bought an iPod Nano a while back, it’s actually a 1st-generation model. I was happy using it with iTunes for a while, but as time went by I started to hate iTunes (on Windows) more and more.. to the point where I got rid of it once and for all.

I resorted to Windows Media Player, which is actually pretty decent and BLOODY FAST! Compared to iTunes… I mean there’s absolutely no contest.

Anyway I wanted to use my iPod but would absolutely never install iTunes, so was looking for a good way to manage my iPod files without it… and lo and behold, I found SharePod.

SharPod is absolutely wonderful – there’s no installation, you just run a single executable which does all the config work for you, and all you do is drag and drop your music to and from your iPod, just like it was a normal non-closed-off-by-Apple personal music player.

Lovely… I definitely recommend it! Oh, plus it’s completely free – but not the “ok what’s the catch” sort of free, but the “all the best software is free” kind 😉